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Although we don’t think about it, there is not a single universe. Every one of us has unique experiences; particular thoughts which make us perceive a different piece of reality. There are many universes as people, so our own life becomes our private universe.

But the problem is that we usually don’t distinguish others universes, we see only our own. That’s why we think in people who are right and people who are wrong, where perhaps are only universes that fit with ours and those who don’t.

What happens when someone just take a way of thinking of another person without consideration, without meditating, without make to suit with his own reality? with his own universe? This person denies the laws of his own universe, starts a process of death that leaves this person in a chaos state, in nothingness, until another universe is born.

How can universes born?

We make them birth. We call them to life. With our thoughts and feelings; our words and actions. Even if we are conscious of this or not, we produce the universe we have. Where we live, the job that we have, people in our life, love or hate, happiness or sadness, all is being created by ourselves.

Can anyone live without universe?