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The Line Of Light

The Line Of Light (Photo credit: Stuart Herbert)

About the symbolism of Hadrian’s Wall in human being: “Last frontier between civilization and barbarism”

If we start from the point that we are good people and our life makes sense, we still have our dark moments.

Since we were children, all our education was focus in show us what is good and what is bad. It doesn’t matter in which culture we were born, all religions and moral traditions mainly teach about good and evil.

When we grow up (at least biologically) our parents and especially our society, expects from us that we have assimilated those paradigms, which for many years they taught us; so without any thought we could say: “This is good and this is bad”

But we have all experienced bad thoughts and bad emotions. Even a very religious person ever thought:  “God! illuminates this guy or eliminate him”, is very human.  In this moment, these paradigms stop this man to kill someone. These paradigms are his Hadrian’s Wall, which stops his barbarian thoughts and emotions.

Otherwise, history teaches us that Hadrian’s Wall was never safe by itself, and at one point was overtaken by barbarians. Could this happen to our paradigms/wall in some moment?

I think could happen. Everybody has ever heard about respectable people, who committed crimes; small crimes or big crimes. Could be simple thieves or could be serial murderers.

Old romans would say: Turn your enemies in allies. Incorporate them into Empire.

Carl Gustav Jung said that this barbarian emotions and thoughts are our shadow.  This is not about evil; this is about lack of light, light as conscious, as knowledge about us. If we do not fear this barbarians inside us and confront them, perhaps we will accept them as an integral part of every human being and rule them.

This means a journey full of danger in places unknown to us, where only inhabit the forces of nature, our nature. A terrifying journey; as be inside of an erupting volcano, or dive alone into the depths of the ocean.

Wave Blasting Against Rock During Sunrise at Beach

Wave Blasting Against Rock During Sunrise at Beach (Photo credit: Captain Kimo)

What can we achieve?

What Jung called “the individual”; an integral person with a fulfilling life, or in a few words:  a truly happy person.

Is it worth?