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a blue lightsaber

a blue lightsaber (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“…I believe in lightsword, not on the steel blade that cuts, even in sword of fire that burns, only in lightsword that illuminates. This is the weapon we should use in battles for peace…”


Salarrué (writer from El Salvador)


What is a lightsword?


A sword is a weapon, but a weapon which represents warrior’s soul. Also, in King Arthur’s myth, the sword symbolizes the will which penetrate and shape a rock, image of matter, making a mark on history.


Light is what allowing us to see.  It’s knowledge about life, specially our own life. We don’t own light. Light comes out of our world and illuminates our days, allowing us to know ourselves. We can’t create light but we can receive and reflect it; so if we receive light and we use it with our will, we can have a lightsword.


If we use a lightsword, what we fight? We fight against darkness; darkness of pettiness and jealousy; darkness of intolerance and violence. We fight against all expressions of ignorance. What is the worst form of ignorance? Not knowing that we are ignorant. To think that we know all what we need to know, especially about ourselves.


If we don’t ask more questions, if a day goes without being surprised, if we are seeing life in grey, without any color, perhaps we are thinking we know enough.


With a lightsword, we can launch our life to a no-return journey. We will see not what divide us from everyone else, but what unite us with them; to grow all together in a new vision, a new human being.


Do you want a lightsword?